NYC SEO Company – EnExT Consultants

On this post, I’m going to be highlighting a nyc seo company called EnExT Consultants. They have been in business for less than a year and are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most respected nyc seo companies.

They operate from home and live outside of nyc They choose to operate from home and not meet clients face to face unless it’s extremely urgent because they want to be able to help more businesses all over the world.

In their words, if they spend all their time visiting clients offices, then they can’t spend time helping more businesses grow. We live in a new world, the world of the internet. With platforms like Skype, there is no real need to meet in person, you can still meet face to face over a computer screen. You can still develop the necessary trust to build a successful business relationship in this new world.

When it comes to performing search engine optimization or seo for companies, they have very strict values. They believe in truly understanding a business and its needs. They aren’t here to take any client they can get, they know every business is different and every business does not need SEO. Search engine optimization requires there to be a need in the marketplace just like any other marketing strategy. However, there’s a big difference because the only way to succeed in SEO is to have a service that people are actively searching for.

You see, everyone needs a dentist, but in small towns, very few people are actually searching for dentists. So if no one is searching, you’re not going to get much traffic, leads, or sales. But if you’re in a bigger city and lots of people search for what you’re offering, then it makes a lot of sense to use SEO as a marketing strategy. Or if you offer something nationally or internationally, and people are searching for it, of course it makes sense. You get the point.

They also believe in transparency as you might already realize from their previous values. They’d rather take the time and dig for the truth to see if a client is worth taking on, because in their words, they’d rather not make any money then make money on a deal that’s causing to ruin their reputation and waste businesses time and money.

Search engine optimization has a bad reputation because everyone wants to be on page 1 of Google, so it’s an easy sell. But it’s not an easy skill to get to page 1, so people get deals that they don’t deserve. Businesses hire an SEO agency with the expectations that they’ll get them to page 1 and bring them more business. They fork over thousands of dollars a month and get no results. So obviously, they get upset, think SEO doesn’t work and refuse to work with any other SEO agencies.

EnExT Consultants likes to use this in their favor because they are a lot more capable than more agencies to deliver these results, but if they ruin their reputation they just continue to ruin the reputation of SEO versus improving it.

Google them and try them out for yourself if you’ve been considering search engine optimization for your business.

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