Cherish Those who Love You on Mother’s Day

Kids everywhere are making homemade cards and art projects in their classrooms, and dads have already scheduled their smartphone reminders to pick up flowers in two weeks, so that means Mother’s Day is almost here! Every second Sunday in May, many of us finally get to relax and enjoy almost 24-hours of blissful pampering and appreciation from those who love us. Our special day should be pleasant and restful but often times, we are so focused on who is not around to celebrate us as “Super Moms,” that we ruin our own moment and bean bag

Mother’s Day is traditionally about family, so this time of year can be a difficult reminder about the family members that choose to be distant in your life. We all know that it’s difficult to let go of any failed relationship, but the challenge is intensified when the communication ends with someone within your family.

Live in the moment on Mother’s Day; don’t dwell on the unanswered questions from an absent family member. Allowing your emotions to pile up only buries your happiness under what should be a joyous time. Even as a grown woman with your own children, continue working on you. Learn to love yourself enough to appreciate what is constant in your life and fill that void with love from your children, significant other, and family or friends.

Remember that it’s okay to have a talk with your children and explain that sometimes parents also make mistakes. We get angry and sometimes our feelings get hurt too, but that doesn’t give us the right to be disrespectful to anyone. Our children are paying attention even when we think they are not, so as parents, we should let our kids know that we’re not perfect but will remain a good mom for the family.

I believe by following this method, our children will have more respect for us and be able to maintain their respective adult relationships.

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